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WALDSEE 1944 (2014)

    In 1952 I had meningitis. It remained from Ravensbrück where we got cold in the head. Our hair was not shaved; neither mine nor Judith’s. Still, we both caught cold.
    I will never forget as we were standing there, almost naked. We only had a tiny dress on. It was 30 degrees below zero.

    The rabbi threw my name away. I got a new name. Hajele. Hajele means life.
    Ravensbrück. 92510. This was my lager number.

    When I came back home my dearest husband took me to the hospital. I had to put on kilos as I was very thin. I got medicine, I got injections. My dearest told the doctor that I was coming from Ravensbrück – then we can shake hands. – he answered.

    We were standing in the queue. We were naked. We saw the smoke coming out from the chimney.
    As we were standing there a man approached us. Very handsome, very well dressed. And another man was coming; too, he was wearing a helmet. The man said: Hungarians, we are liberated! My name is Dr Zoltán Klár.

    There were four of us.
    I was the only one who survived.

    This was our motorcycle. Harley Davidson, the only one at that time in Hungary. 1928 type. My husband had a motorbike saloon for forty years.
    That is my dad, my mum. Mum was 80 when that picture was made. That is my dearest husband.

    I went through many things.

    Ravensbrück. 92510 was made for Waldsee 1944 group exhibition.
    The exhibition of works by Hungarian and international artists at the 2B Gallery is a tribute to the 565,000 Hungarian Jews who perished in World War II. The unanswered letters from 1944, Auschwitz turn into postcards with the help of the artists. The project started in 2004 and has been steadily growing with many new works since then.

    Main Exhibitions:
    2016: Waldsee 1944, as part of the film launch of Son of Saul at the Fugard theatre, Cape Town Art Fair
    2014: WALDSEE 1944 – Gallery 2B, Budapest, Hungary
    2013: WALDSEE 1944 – C.A.R. Essen, with Gallery 2B

    Publications (selected):