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DEVOTION (2010-2012)

    Devotion (2014) is a three-part-project (Uniform (2010-2014), God Bless America, God Bless Israel (2010-2014) and My grandfather’s medal (2013-2014)), that raises the questions of belief, identity, patriotism, immigration, devotion, commitment to ideas and commitment towards one another.

    Uniform (2010-2014) shows the uniform of Leonyid Rozenberg, President of American Association of Invalids and Veterans of World War II; God Bless America, God Bless Israel (2010-2014) is a video interview with him.
    Together with his comrades Leonyid Rozenberg fiercely fought German occupation from 1941 to 1945. In the 1990s because of the post-war anti-Semitism in his own country, he immigrated to the US and settled down in New York City area. As a Jew he shared both the deprivations of a brutal war against Hitler’s forces and post-war anti-Semitism under a Soviet system. After immigrating to the USA he was among the founding fathers, later president of the American Association of Invalids and Veterans of World War II.
    He will never again be devoted neither to the Soviet Union nor to the Red Army.

    View videos here:

    God Bless America, God Bless Israel:

    My grandfather’s medal (2013-2014) is a photo of a family drama – of my own family. My grandfather had mentioned only once what happened to him there. Never again he had talked about it. Secrets and taboos surrounded his childhood, teenager hood and young adulthood, too. His life started after he had met my grandmother.
    His story had never let me go. I had kept going back to my family ties. I had talked about him a lot to the Russian veterans.
    Leonyid Rozenberg sent him a medal. “There is nothing more valuable than historic memory. And one of the main lessons of the Holocaust is the need to preserve for the future generations the memory of the Nazi atrocities, to expose those who committed evil deeds and to show the grave consequences of those deeds for the humanity.” – He wrote in his letter to my grandfather.
    My grandfather had been wearing the medal proudly till his death. Still, he refused to talk.

    Devotion was made for the collective exhibition Generations and amnesia / remembrance

    Main Exhibitions (selected):
    2015: Generations and Memory, Gallery 2B, Budapest
    2014: Generations and Memory, Balint Jewish Community Center, Budapest

    Publications (selected):