OUR HOUSE (2009-2015)

“Where are we going today Granddad?” – I kept asking my grandfather. “Well,” my grandfather said. “We are going to a place called “Stay at Home Lilly”.
I took my grandfather’s promise seriously. I was sitting on the bench waiting for my grandfather taking me to the place called “Stay at Home Lilly” the whole afternoon. I imagined this place as the most beautiful place in the world. The most mysterious place. A place that only my grandfather knows.
Finally couldn’t wait any longer and asked him: “When do we start Granddad?” He looked at me and burst out in a laugh. He said: “We are not going anywhere Lilly. “Stay at Home” is here. It is the place where we are.
He did lie to me. My Granddad lied to me. I heard myself shouting: “No! No!
It can’t happen!” I felt sad and humiliated.
Only later did I realize that in fact he was right. Because this is the most beautiful place in the world. This is the most mysterious place. And this is the place where I can learn the most important things in life: love to people and the nature.tenderness.peace.everything.

Main Exhibitions (selected):

2017: Pillars of home (Csilla Klenyánszki, Jakub Simcik, Lilla Szász), Galeria Klubovna, Brno (group exhibition)

2017: Our House, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (solo exhibition)

2013: Still, MODEM, Debrecen, Hungary (group exhibition)

2013: Contemporary Budapest, Catania (group exhibition)

2011: Just because, a projection of photographs curated by Hatnim Lee and Lauren Duque, 2A Bar, New York

Publications (selected):