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THREE PICTURES (2013-2019)

    ‘Three pictures’ (2013 – 2019) show three decisive moments from our life with my grandparents.

    I was documenting our lives between 2004-2015; right until the death of my grandmother. ‘Three pictures’ present the most personal, most painful moments of our lives. I have been preparing myself since the death of my grandmother, in 2015, to be able to process these moments from proper distance, without pain.

    Our first picture, ‘Sunday afternoon’ (2013-2019, video installation, 14:19) shows a typical Sunday afternoon, with its typical moments and scenes. We used to spend many afternoons like this one. And I loved them very much.

    Watch video here:

    On the second picture, ‘Hands’ (2014-2019) my grandmother and grandfather are holding each other’s hands for the last time, saying goodbye to each other.

    On the third picture, ‘Grandmother cooks’ (2015-2019, video installation, 7:43) my grandmother is preparing strudel to us. She is standing next to the small kitchen table, talks mostly to herself, hums, and croons silently, sometimes notices things, sometimes asks something, sometimes just stands, concentrates and falls deep in her thoughts. I love to watch her in these moments.

    The video can be viewed upon request

    At the same time, typical voices of the hospital can be heard; my grandmother is in the hospice after her stroke. She is hallucinating. It is my birthday; I visit her before going to the birthday celebration. She is cooking green pea soup. I am cooking with her in our common thoughts. She is quarrelling with me as I cut the parsley too big.

    Main exhibitions (selected): 

    2019: For Family Reasons, MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, Hungary

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