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THE TRIBAL CHIEF (2015-2016)

    “I can barely remember my childhood. My parents worked in a Metal and Steel factory. They had a buffet. … peeling potatoes …egg boiling….our lives were all around these.
    Nobody would ever visit us. My parents dismantled the ring so that no intruder would ever enter our home. Our home, our castle – they would often say.
    I discovered life carefully. When my parents were out I would secretly listen to Abba and Boney M. The music thumped and I was the tribe and I was the tribal chief.
    I protected my home and my castle.
    I think I was happy.”

    ’The Tribal Chief’ is a monologue photo-diary. It flashes memories from the life of a middle-aged man; starting from the loneliness of childhood, through the parental disinheritance following his coming out and later leading us to public toilets, sex cinemas and the gloomy world of People’s Park. The main character is fulfilling a mission: he is chasing happiness obsessively. The side characters, with whom he meets temporarily during his exploration are mostly unknown. Lilla Szász’ latest project provides a glimpse to a story where the concepts of loneliness and intimacy become relative.

    Main Exhibitions (selected):

    2019: We will not change our show, Artists: Veronika Šrek Bromová (CZ), Alex Bălă & Paul Dunca (#FLUID, RO), Jan Matýsek (CZ), Ruben Montini (IT), Kateřina Olivová (CZ), Phoenix (Tamás Páll, Viktor Szeri, Gyula Muskovicz, HU), Karol Radziszewski (PL), Sergey Shabohin (BY), Lilla Szász (HU) + Express Yourself (instalace plakátů Madonny z 80. a 90. let 20. století)
    Curators: Martin Vaněk (CZ) + Gyula Muskovics (HU)) , Dům umění města Brna, Brno, Czech Republic

    2016: Our heart is a different country – FKSE – The Studio of Young Artists Association Gallery, Budapest

    Publications (selected):