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Streetfashion (2018-2022)

    In 1976, Tibor Hajas produced his black-and-white film Self-Fashion Show depicting people passing through Moszkva Square. They are simple passersby appearing in front of the camera, but the producers of the movie handle them not as actors or interview subjects but as celebrities. Their opportunities for improvisation are similar to those of a fashion model, that is, rather limited. Their poses are everyday postures, and the locations are everyday locations of the city. The Self-Fashion Show explores whether anyone, in any ordinary situation, could be his or her own model, a celebrity.

    Inspired by Tibor Hajas, I began to look for the stars of the street. As I was coming and going, I maintained an objective vision: I searched, composed, walked up to people, communicated with them, and took photographs. I cannot escape myself – wherever I go, I see images and, if possible, I take them. Using an iPhone makes it easy to make the first contact with people; I don’t have to take myself too seriously as a photographer. It takes me back to a time when the mere practice of photography, communicating with people and photographing people was a novelty and a great pleasure for me. This series brings that happiness back to me, which results from the endorphin that comes from making contact (do I dare or not?), the quick setup of the images, and the mutual joy. I am happy, and so is the model. We both get a little disconnected from the reality of the rushing streets. Later, on Instagram, we can continue following each other’s paths as a small community. Everyone becomes a star. Some of them turn out to be celebrities already, and some become stars through the process of having their photographs taken.

    This series is an ode to this joy. A smile that is dedicated to us, to the world, and last but not least, to photography.

    The series has an instagram page from its beginning, check out more images here:

    Main Exhibitions (selected):

    2022: The New 20s: Challenges, Uncertainties and Resistances, University of Evora, Portugal

    2021: Cure, Capa Centre of Photography, Budapest, Hungary

    Main Publications: