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    The idea of introducing the internet tax in Hungary has evoked the previous years’ largest anti-government demonstrations. As a result of these, Viktor Orbán, Hungarian PM, has temporarily cancelled the idea of internet tax; instead, he announced that „ in January 2015 he would launch a National Consultation on the internet; its regulation and financial issues.” He would be curious to know „ Where the enormous internet profit vanishes and whether it would be possible to retain a part of it in Hungary. „, a national online magazine prepared a fake National Consultation Questionnaire. The video was made based on this questionnaire: I handed it to my relatives living in the countryside and asked them to share their opinion with me. The questionnaire’s questions can be found at:…

    Made by: Lilla Szász (2014)
    The video was edited by: Hajnalka Tulisz
    The length of the video is: 8:26

    View video here: