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    “Happy New Year” is a story of two women. One has already passed away. She has lived all her life in the flat where she raised two children, had and lost a husband, had a dog, lived, loved and died. The other is a young woman wishing to start a new life after a split. She bought a flat where everything was left: clothes, books, furniture, even diaries… It looked like somebody was still living there. Her new life was interwoven with memories, hers, and Mrs Brown’s. The project is their communication. Images of the objects and words of their diaries are how they got to know each other better. Each talks about her own life; whether with images or words. Mrs Brown gave her permission to occupy her place. Lilla could move in and start her new life.

    Lilla Szász
    Happy New Year
    Texts by Lilla Szász (English)
    Design by Francesco Mazzarella
    2014, hardcover, image wrap
    21 x 14 cm, 109 pages
    Published by Lilla Szász
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