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FUN FAIR (1997)

    My direct neighbors are workers at a fun fair. They are responsible for entertaining people visiting fun fairs. Every time I look out of my window a star is facing me: Madonna, or Marilyn, sometimes Stallone. They are painted on the side of the trucks of my neighbors, and changed periodically depending on their mood. (I am happier to see Marilyn than Stallone though…).
    Sometimes they have pig sticking in their house, during that time I can only hear their voices singing old fashioned songs and dancing until dawn. They also have big feasts at name days and birthdays.
    They seem to live with the same fun and joy what they give. Their fun makes my days happier too.

    Main Exhibitions (selected):
    2012: Photo Espana – From Here: a group exhibition with Richard Avedon, Paz Errazuriz and Richard Billingham – Museo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
    2003: Portraits at a fair –Goethe Institute, Budapest (solo exhibition)

    Publications (selected):