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    Hossala Tamás – Kovalovszky Dániel – Monika Merva – Szász Lilla
    The Hungarian House of Photography – Mai Manó House’s series Present Continuous, started in 2005 and constantly expanding, features a selection of young artists representing all genres of photography – autonomous photographers, documentary photographers, photo essayists and photojournalists – whose works reflect on universal issues of the present through their diversity and individual style.
    The series, produced in parallel over time, are in dialogue with each other. The ‘magnet’ that holds them together may be a photographic attitude or the responsibility of addressing a similar social situation. The principle of the editing is that the selected series present this particular issue from different points of view, as the artists have done in their own style and working method, in the fullness of their creative freedom.
    This ever-growing body of material, as the list of selected artists and the subject matter expands year by year, provides a more complete picture of domestic contemporary trends and emerging photographic careers, for some of them providing the opportunity for a first exposure.
    And this current column on the Mai Manó House blog showcases this work over the years and features a series of posts by a young artist. The images in the catalogue, which will be grouped according to the same theme as in the catalogues edited by Gabriella Csizek, will, we plan, also show their impact in the dialogue between the images in the online space.

    Number of photos: 76
    Edited by Gabriella Csizek
    Number of pages: unnumbered
    Language: Hungarian-English
    Text by Gabriella Csizek
    ISBN: 978Â 963 86589 8 2