As members of the Russian army, these people fiercely fought German occupation from 1941 to 1945. In the 1990s because of the post-war anti-Semitism in their own country, they immigrated to the US and settled in New York City area. Their common experiences in the war, in its aftermath, and as immigrants to the United States bind them deeply to one another. As The New York Times explained, “As Jews who shared both the deprivations of a brutal war against Hitler’s forces and postwar anti-Semitism under a Soviet system they had risked their lives to preserve, their allegiance is not to the former Soviet Union, nor to the Red Army, nor even to Mother Russia, but to one another.”

Lilla Szász
Texts by Lilla Szász (English)
Design by Lilla Szász
2011, Hardcover, Dust jacket
30×30 cm, 92 pages
36 colour plates
Published by: Lilla Szász

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