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BALATONALIGA, 8171 (2015)

    “The cinema. The secret cinema was in this building, too. János Kádár loved films. Every week he spent an evening watching films in the cinema of the Central Commission in the company of György Aczél and other party leaders. The films were chosen by György Aczél and his people. Many films were only imported from the West for the sake of some privileged comrades as it was obvious that those will never be shown to the big public due to their content. Sometimes we would peep in, too…Death warmed up and Easy Rider were popular at that time…we knew the cinema technician…he would tell us what was to be screened.

    Porn films were also imported from the West…intelligence officers would bring those in. There was a strange event when  an internal system was set up in there… and as there were kids, too, many cartoons were projected…the two VCRs were working parallel..They were set the way that once the first stopped the second automatically started. And the secret agents were watching porn on the second! They were watching the film, meanwhile, the cartoon finished, and the projection was automatically switched to the porn! What a scandal there was! Well, of course without major consequences as the porn was watched by an agent…every other person would have been fired, for sure.”

    Balatonaliga, 8171 was made for the collective exhibition Lake of memories

    Main Exhibitions (selected):

    2015: Emlékek tava (Lake of memories), Pegazus gallery, Szentbékkálla

    2016: Emlékek tava (Lake of memories), Budapest gallery


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