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I hold the table with my hands instead of the broken legs

    Opening: 2022/10/28 19:00
    On view:  2022/10/29 – 2022/12/04
    Trafó Gallery
    Exhibiting artists: Eva Giolo, Eszter Kállay Eszter and Luca Markó, Rory Pilgrim, Lilla Szász, Adéla Součková, Sophie Utikal
    Curator: Flóra Gadó
    The starting point for the exhibition is the double crisis of our time: the care crisis on the one hand and the Covid-19 pandemic on the other. The care crisis has led to structural problems, such as the erosion of the social care system, which have led to an increasing shift of responsibility from the state to the individual. This is closely linked to the health and mental health problems that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. The exhibition poses the questions: how has our image of care, including care for ourselves and others, and care for our environment, changed in the light of all this in recent decades? What different ways and forms can care take, and what alternatives, including communal ones, can formulate? What are the different ways in which caring and care work are related to those involved in it and how do these relations shift continuously?
    On the one hand, the artworks of the exhibition acknowledge and illustrate the different forms of caring, the often invisible work of women and those difficulties involved. On the other hand, they prompt a long-needed rethinking of these processes, for example by reminding us of the blurring of boundaries between the self and the other in situations involving care, or by drawing attention to the systemic problems that emerge from individual and often silenced narratives.
    Assistant curator: Benedek Farkas
    Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Czech Centre Budapest, Inda Gallery, Káli Kövek
    Special thanks: Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
    The exhibition is created in the framework of the Liberty international partnership with the support of the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.